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Meditation Holidays

With more than 8 million tourists per year, Egypt has amazing landscapes to impress even for the most experienced traveler who will take your breath away. Egypt is famous for its phenomenal history: ancient pyramids and temples that dot the Nile are nowhere in the world, like Egypt. From the great pyramids to the stunning Red Sea coast - there are countless historical and cultural sights to visit. But have you considered choosing Egypt for your spiritual vacation package? Here are the best adventure packages to enjoy in Egypt.

Spiritual journey to the White Desert & Holy Egypt

Have you considered choosing Egypt for your spiritual holiday package? Here are the best adventure packages to enjoy in Egypt.

10-day Spiritual journey to the White Desert & Holy Egypt

A variety of Egypt spiritual tours, meditation vacations and personalized services with Ramses Travel. Our guides take you on adventures to experience a perfect spiritual tour of ancient Egypt that combines unique nature with historical beauty. Browse our spiritual tours and book the best meditation vacations to discover Egypt's ancient magical sites.

Program in details

Traveler Walking In Airport

Day 1:  Arrival at Cairo International Airport

Our representative will meet you at Cairo Airport to assist you through passport control formalities and baggage claim. From the airport you are transported by our private A / C car to your hotel.

Check in at your hotel and accommodation in Cairo.

Saqqara Step Pyramid

Day 2 - Dashur (Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramids) & Saqqara (Step Pyramid) - Serapeum - Bahariya Oasis

After an early breakfast, we will drive to the ancient site of Dahshur, where you will visit the Red and Bent pyramids attributed to King Sneferu. Our guide will escort the group to collectively awaken and activate the energy of the red pyramid as we enter inside the resonance chambers. Then along Sakkara, home of the Step Pyramid was built to King Djoser. Inexperience the active healing energies of Sakkara. After lunch we will reach the highlight of our day when we visit the newly opened Serapeum, a huge underground complex. It contains huge sarcophaguses from the Bulls god Apis that was buried in them. We then drive to the Bahariya Oasis, 225 km southwest of Cairo. The Bahariya Oasis is surrounded by black hills composed of ferrous quartzite and dolerite. The Bahariya Oasis is filled with many springs - the most famous of which is a thermal spring with medicinal and restorative properties.


Day 3 - Black Desert, Crystal Mountain and the White Desert

After breakfast, we will drive our jeep for safari exploration of the Black Desert, an area of ​​the Sahara Desert. It was created from mountains of black basalt (rock) from ancient volcanoes worn away by thousands of erosions. Afterwards, enjoy a light lunch in the desert. Our next stop is Crystal Mountain, a sub volcanic vault filled with crystals that is the result of a hydrothermal event, with beautiful formations and crystal shards scattered throughout the area. This energetic area is a beautiful place to meditate. Experience the powerful and healing energies of the Egyptian desert. After exploring the area, we will drive safari jeeps to the enchanting White Desert. Here amidst surreal white chalk formations that have been weathered by the desert in fascinating shapes and forms. Here we will set up camp. You can find all kinds of rock paths and old shells that were left here from a time when the area was an old seabed. After witnessing a spectacular sunset, enjoy a barbecue dinner, music and Bedouin feast around the campfire.


Day 4 - Sunrise - El Dakhla and El Kharga Oasis

Wake up to watch the sunrise with the glow of the white rock formations and golden desert sands - an unforgettable and magical experience!

After breakfast you will drive to the Khaharga Oasis where we will stop for lunch.

It is known for its healing properties and location on the early Nile River plain, and it is the largest and most modern oasis in the desert. Continue along Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Resort in Luxor, your home for the next 2 nights

Overnight at Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Resort (breakfast and lunch included)

Dendera Tempel (Hathor)

Dag 5 – Dendera – Abydos temples

After breakfast you will drive to Dendera to visit the incredible Temple of Hathor, a place that Chris Dunn noticed should have been listed as one of the wonderful wonders of our world! Star charts depicted on the ceilings of this temple and the copy of the famous Dendera Zodiac (the original is displayed in the Louvre in Paris) point to the ancient origins of astrology and superior knowledge of our cosmos. Hathor (Het-Hert), Netert, who personified motherhood, beauty, sexuality, love, joy, harmony, dance, and music were often associated with the planet, Venus. She was known as the Lady of the Stars and represented the nourishing sun food of the Sun's rays required for birth, growth and renewal.​

Revive your subconscious inside by connecting you with Hathors and your birth of joy, happiness, abundance, manifestation and purpose. Dissolve your fears as you ignite your codes of divinity that reflect this heaven in your earth and reborn the world of infinite possibilities.

After lunch you can visit the ancient pilgrimage site of Abydos, the Temple of Osiris and the very ancient Temple of Osirion.

At the Seti I temple, dedicated to Osiris, we will discuss the symbolism when we see the masterful craftsmanship of the beautiful depictions that cover the walls. Behind this temple lies the megalithic Osirion, which resembles the valley temple of Giza, as the originals tell us, is 35,000-50,000 years old or more. This is where several depictions of the flower of life can be seen on the huge pillars. Local villagers claim that the water that collects in this structure has valuable healing properties.

Sekhmet, Neter, which represents the powerful and cleansing energies of the sun
Day 6 - Karnak and Luxor temples

Start this incredible day with a sunrise visit to Karnak Temple, the world's largest temple. One can never have enough time to fully explore all the riches of Karnak where we spend all morning.

An avenue of slings with sphinx heads leads us into the gigantic complex that includes temples dedicated to Amun,       a Neter that represents an aspect or stage of the Sun, and Khonsu that represents the Moon. We visit the powerful chapel Sekhmet, Neter, which represents the powerful and cleansing energies of the sun. Sekhmet personifies the sun's rays, providing the electromagnetic energy required to sustain life and the earth's lattice. As a lioness, she symbolizes the powerful and sharp. Experience the radiant pulse with power and vibration transmissions from Sekhmet as she gives you a powerful translucent myriad of luminous colors and vibrations in the new Lemuria frequencies. Ignite a new chamber in your heart, open and expand your healing abilities as you begin to remember who you are.

Karnak Temple -The powerful sacred geometric design and natural elements of the architecture itself have the ability to transform and raise levels of consciousness and awareness as you walk through this and many other temples. The Shakti sacred Kundalini awakening of Tantra sexuality rebirth will be done here with our guide.

Be prepared to experience a morning you will never forget!

Overnight at Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Resort (breakfast included)

Kom Ombo tempele, Crocodile temple, Spiritual triip, Meditation, Holy Egypt, Ramses Travel

Day 7 - Kom Ombo Tempel and Aswan

Our first stop will be at Kom Ombo, to visit the two temples dedicated to the crocodile Neter, Sobek and Horus, the oldest. As this temple is dedicated to digesting your fears and anger, we will discuss the aspects of nature and our cosmos represented by Neteru and how they relate to awakening our senses and raising our levels of consciousness. We will talk about the powerful initiatives that were once practiced here and how we can take advantage of the deep and self-directed lessons that the ancients have experienced here. You will also have the opportunity to see depictions of various medical instruments and alchemical healing.

Check out the luxurious 5-star Helnan Hotel in Aswan

There will be time for shopping at the world famous Aswan Souks, known for their offerings of fragrant spices, handmade items and jewelry, scarves and colorful galabyias.

Overnight at Helnan Hotel, Aswan (Breakfast and snacks included)

Philae Isis Tempel
Day 8 - The unfinished obelisk, the Isis Tempel at Philae and flight to Cairo

After breakfast, we explore the famous Aswan Quarry. Home to the 1,200 tons of untreated obelisk that only a handful of cranes anywhere in the world could lift today, and other striking evidence of higher technologies used by the ancient Kemitians.

After lunch we take a motorboat to the enchanting island of Philae and the mighty Auset (Isis) temple. Auset is associated with the most ancient and reverent star, Sirius. The annual rise in Sirius was synonymous with the flooding of the Nile River, which left huge deposits of silt. The very valuable black earth or KMT (Kemit) to which Egypt was named. She is usually depicted wearing a throne or seat of power that reflects the matriarchal character of the very ancient civilization.

We will guide you through the activation of Diamond Consciousness:
Enter the diamond - a central chamber inside the core of the living heart in your inner castle, the sacred of the sacred, so that you can be saturated with the pure consciousness of love. Bathe in the magic water as it is poured over you, inside, above and below you. Luxurious in this fall of love; Retaining its higher frequency as your light of temple, the ashram your complicated vibrational frequency restores its luster in equilibrium. Balance and symmetry of Isis. Experience Sirius known as the source of all ancient wisdom and embodiment of Isis (goddess of love, heaven)

Once you have shared some of the highlights of this place together, you will have time to explore its captivating wonders on your own before flying back to Cairo and checking into our hotel in Giza.

Overnight at Mena House Hotel Giza (breakfast and dinner)

The Great Sphinx

Day 9 - Giza Pyramids and private access between the Sphinx's paws and into the King's chamber in the Great Pyramid.

After breakfast we will explore the world famous Giza Plateau. After a visit to see the megalithic construction of the very old Valley Temple. We have our first private entrance - between the Tefnut paws (Sphinx). We will have the opportunity to meditate together here on one of the most powerful portals on earth! We activate the diamond consciousness that contains the plan of your divine master plan: Your entire memory of your frequency resonance is carried within your DNA that pulsates within your column of light. Your cosmic spreading rod, also known as your spine. When you give the Sphinx a multidimensional update of where you are in this moment in the eternal now with your vibrating frequency. The Sphinx will compare this with its stored information about your entire "existence vibration" that gives you intricate frequencies and energies.

Next, we have the opportunity to enter the Royal Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

Overnight at Mena House Hotel, Giza (overnight and dinner)


Day 10 - Cairo Departure

After breakfast you will drive to the airport 

The Price: 2225 $ Per person in Double Room

950 $ Supplement Per Person in Single Room

The price of the package is not a set fee, it does change and it depends on the date of travel & the number of the group

  The price includes:

- Meet & Greet by our representatives

- Your Visa
- Accommodation in 5 * hotel in Cairo 3 nights 
- Accommodation in 5 * hotel in The Western Desert 2 nights 
- Accommodation in 5 * hotel in Luxor 3 nights 
- Accommodation in 5 * hotel in Aswan 1 night 

- Domestic flights: Aswan / Cairo
- Customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- All transportation is private, in top quality vehicle and with A/C
- Accommodation in all cities and food included as indicated.
- Private multilingual Egyptologist.

- All tours and listed entrance tickets are included in the price
- All service charges and taxes.

  The price does not include:

- International airline tickets
- Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary
- Tipping

We have different tailored spiritual trips that will allow you to reconnect with your inner self and guide you to fulfill your greatest goals in life as you will travel through the seven ancient holy centers of Egypt

connected to our seven chakras. You will be exalted and enlightened.

Your light body and soul anchors your entire body.

A beautiful inner journey.

Kom Ombo Tempel, Aswan

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