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Full Day Tour to Luxor from Cairo by plane

Join us for an unforgettable Day trip to the ancient capital city of Thebes or Luxor. Explore the stunning monuments of Karnak temples which took around 2000 years to be built and enjoy the unbelievable painting of the valley of the kings.

Karnak Temple Complex, Luxor


Full Day Tour to Luxor from Cairo by plane with a knowledgeable guide & Egyptologist


We will pick you up directly from your hotel door in the morning, then will drive to the airport.

Karnak Temples

When you will arrive at Luxor airport, so you will meet your own local guide & Egyptologist who will first of all show you the unique Karnak Temple, which is surely one of the most extraordinary temples in the world, as it is still in an incredibly good condition, even though it has been standing for thousands of years – so with a bit of imagination, you will easily find yourself back in the past, when the temple stood in all its glory. You will have some time to stroll around, where you can visit the entrance area and get an impression of how the huge pylons were built. Walk down the Alley of the Sphinx, lined on both sides with rows of (ram-headed sphinxes), discover the hypostyle hall with its more than 100 large but well-preserved columns, admire the hieroglyphs and paintings, visit the sacred lake, and take a look at the various chapels, temples and statues. And if you like, you can find the sacred scarab near the lake, and if you walk around it three times, clockwise.

Lunch & Nile Ride

After this fascinating visit, we will enjoy a boat trip across the Nile to the west bank, where we will have a delicious lunch at a local restaurant.

Colossi of Memnon

We will continue our trip by bus. First, we will stop to take a look at the 3,400-year-old Colossi of Memnon, the enormous statues of Amenhotep III that once stood guard in front of his now-defunct valley temple, which was once larger than the Karnak Temple.

The Funeral Temple of The Queen Hatshepsuit
Tomb of Tutankhamun, Valley of The Kings

Valley of the Kings

After this, it is time to visit the Valley of the Kings, where the ancient Egyptians buried their kings and officials for 500 years, and where the mummies of the most famous and glamorous people from pharaonic times have been found. Here you can go down into the tombs belonging to the Egyptian rulers and experience the well-preserved colorful paintings and stories written with hieroglyphs on the walls.

Temple of Hatshepsut

Our last stop during our One-day trip to Luxor by plane is unique – namely the visit to the Temple of Hatshepsut. She was one of the most fascinating rulers of ancient Egypt, a female pharaoh who proved her ability to rule successfully over an empire, and finally she also created an architecturally extraordinary mortuary temple for herself, with three terraces separated by colonnades, a hypostyle hall and many statues, paintings and reliefs.


- Egyptologist tour guide

- Deluxe air-conditioned vehicle.

- Lunch at an Egyptian Restaurant with a View at Luxor Temple

- All Entry Fees.

- Domestic Flight Tickets (Cairo-Luxor, Luxor-Cairo) Economy Class

- 4 Airport transfers. (2 in Cairo, 2 in Luxor)

- All Taxes Services & bottle of water.


- Personal Items

- Tipping

- Entry Visa to Egypt & any Optional Tours or extra entry tickets

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